Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Birthday Weekend Update, part 2

Iiiiiiiit's Broncos time!

Mom and Dad left early that morning so they could eat brunch at their aunt's house with cousins in Denver. I was stuck here at home with Big Brother, BUT-- and this is big-- they let me roam free outside the cage all day long. Wow! They gave me a rawhide to chew, dumped the toy box so I could have my pick-- oh man. It was pawesome! Their friends came over to check on us a few times during the day, which was great, because I love seeing new people!

At the end of it all, Dad showed me some pictures he took, so I'll share them with you all!

This was the view from the main gate of Invesco field. I love the way those horses are so majestic, jumping over the water. Maybe I can meet a horse someday...

Umm... not this one, though.

Mom and Dad got their picture taken by the Jumbovision, which has... what's that? How in the world did a horse get up there?

And the view of the field from where they were sitting:

If that looks high up, well, you're right:

Woah. Gotta look away before I get vertigo.

Dad was like a kid in a candy store explaining it to me; I shudder to think what he was like when he was really there. He got really excited about a bunch of people's names around the stadium, something about grew up watching them... I don't know, I was chewing on something at the time.

Also, apparently they like to put horses on the field. I think they should have put a pug out there, personally. But I think the horse has a better chance of scoring than I would-- just a little bit bigger.

Actually, nevermind-- those players don't look all that big and tough.

I could take 'em. One guy I would NOT want to mess with is this guy:

He threw several people out of the stadium, Dad says. So would you want to get into a fight with a dude who is so strong and cold-blooded he can toss people to their deaths from all that way up? I thought not.

Dad got pretty excited about the pregame festivities, especially the cheerleaders

And the drum corps, called Stampede

They also brought out this big blanket, which I can only assume is for catching the people Mr. Alcohol Control throws out of the stadium.

Speaking of things I would not want to mess with, check this out!

Woah. That is one seriously cool team. They don't mess around-- they bring a fire-breathing horse to play their games. Go Broncos!

Sorry, Harry Pugalicious, Dad didn't get any pictures of Reggie Bush-- he was too busy screaming his lungs out during the game. Apparently it was a really close one!

Long story... well, long... is that Mom and Dad had a great time (for a human, I guess), while I got to have a great time being a good boy at home and chewing on tons of toys. Yipee!

Tomorrow: the presents!


Sandra y Coco said...

WOW! Nice stadium! What sport is that? (sorry for the ignorance... I didn't grow up here)
Oh BTW you can have my hoodie, it doesn't fit me anymore! Mom says I grow very fast (and wide, too).

Harry Pugalicious said...

Congrats to your Dad and his team on their win. I've almost gotten over it ;-)

NFL games are exciting. I love being in the Dome for a Saints game, especially when they are winning! I don't think they have an alcohol control guy... it is New Orleans after all!

My most exciting game was the re-opening of the Dome. Not only did I see the Saints kick Atlanta's falcon feathers, I got to see U2 and Green Day! It was a very emotional night.

~Harry's Mom

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Some of those horsies must know how to fly!

Glad woo had such a great time!!


Lex said...

That is soooo cool!! I really want to go to an NFL game. I finally got to see a CFL game a couple weeks ago, but it was nothing like that!
I saw the Mariners play too, the stadium is incredible...
I must start mentioning to the hubby that I need to see the seahawks play.. hmm... :)

Melissa and Emmitt said...

Go Broncos!
Emmitt & Melissa

Nevis said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! I've wanted to go to an NFL football game for ages!

Sandra y Coco said...

ohhhh NFL = Football!

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