Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Snoufer's Birthday!

Today is Big Brother's 2nd birthday! Dad got him from a breeder a week before Christmas, as a present to Mom. Mom's grandpa (who died this past April) used to have Westies his whole life, so Mom always knew she wanted to have a Westie around the house. Mom says that he was the best Christmas present she's ever gotten.

I'm just glad I get someone to play with! Everyone wish him a happy birthday!

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Infamous Loofa Incident Redux

In other news today, a local Westie was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

When brought before the judge, it was noted that there is a prior history of offense.

When asked what he had to say for himself, the Westie stated he was unrepentant and would attack again.

The jury is in deliberations.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pug of the Day

I am on Pug-A-Day today! Hooray! Thanks everyone for pointing that out to me. If you see this post on some other day besides Saturday, it was the "Pug with Happiness" picture at the top of the right-hand column, which is also up for voting at Pug Lover's Rescue for the banner contest.

Speaking of which, go vote! Please? :) I think I get the award for shameless plugs, wouldn't you agree?

Thanks everyone for the comments about my week of carnage. I really enjoyed reading them, and I think you all enjoyed the pictures and stories-- this is the first week that I have had double-digit comments for every day (except Monday, but I'll take a mulligan on that)! Yipee! Maybe I'll have to do more "series" posts.

Happy weekend everyone!

Friday, October 17, 2008

RIP, Mr. Shark

Name: Nails

Purchased by: Dad, sometime around 1998

Story: This one is bittersweet, which is why I'm ending the week on it. When Dad was in high school, his family got a Scottish Terrier they named Joseph Angus Tumnus Macduff (or, Joe, for short). He was a huge part of the family during several very crucial times, acting as solace and comfort first to Dad's little brother as Dad went off to college, then to the whole family as financial troubles forced them to move (as it turned out, into a money pit), and finally to Dad's mom as she and my human Grandpa divorced and she moved away to North Carolina (Asheville, as it turns out, which is also where Norman and his woman live). Anyway, Nails was Joe's favorite toy. In February of 2007, Joe went unexpectedly over the Rainbow Bridge. To this day, even after a kind of doggie autopsy, no one knows why he died (this is why Dad freaks out so much when Snoufer and I get sick). When all of Joe's stuff was being sifted through, Dad especially requested this toy be inherited by Big Brother (I wasn't around at the time).

Cause of death: I suppose he is technically dead. But he's been repaired so many times over the years, he's kinda like The 6 Million Dollar Man. Or Frankenstein.

Time of death: He'll never die. But he sure is fun to play with!

Favorite memory: The best part about Nails is that his tail and head whip around and whap me when I shake him. Which, I can only conclude, means he's trying to tell me he's boss and doesn't appreciate being torn fin from fin. So I do it again. And he whaps me again. So I do it again... I don't know what Joe's favorite memory of Nails is, but when I go over the Rainbow Bridge someday (Oh Dad, stop the leaking. Sheesh.), I'm sure we'll have lots to talk about.

Sorry. No digital camera = no pictures of Joe, at least until Dad can find one stashed away at either of his parents' houses, find a scanner, figure out how to upload the photo... well, you get the picture. Or, you don't. That's kinda the problem, isn't it? I give up.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

RIP, Mr. Hedgehog

Name: Various. Usually, they all fall under the general category of "Hedgie."

Purchased by: Various. This has been an obsession of mine since I was born, as some of these pictures show.

Story: Big Brother is a terrier, so he loves to catch and chew up rodents. So, he's always had a Hedgie around the house, even if they only last a few days.

Cause of death: Massive internal hemmorraging. Despite Mom's efforts to patch them up, they just can't seem to keep their innards inside. It sure doesn't have anything to do with me, let me tell you that.

Time of death: Every 5.8 days, a Hedgie dies somewhere in the Puddy/Snoufer household. Please, don't give. Don't save them. They deserve it.

Favorite memory: When my human grandma gave me and Big Brother a Hedgie for Easter, it had a velcro stomach that had three perfectly-sized eggs inside that make a terribly loud and terribly cool ruckus when you squeak them. Big Brother and I try to get the harmony down, but we're still working on it. Best part? It came with two extras, so when we finally figure out how to kill one, there's a backup! Neat, huh? Somehow, this one tends to find its way in the toy box a lot. I guess Dad must not be too fond of my symphony of squeaking.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

RIP, Mr. Marmot

Name: Reginald Edmond Ignatius (REI, for short).

Purchased by: Dad. Decidedly, Dad. Sometime around March.

Story: Dad loves the store REI, adores Marmot brand gear for the outdoors, and has a secret fascination with ferrets. This looked similar enough that Dad had to get it, over protest from Mom. It is also an AKC JAKKS Pets toy.

Cause of death: decapitation. You'll see.

Time of death: Sometime around July.

Favorite memory: Once I tore out the squeaker, Dad would run the rodent around himself, making squeaking noises. Drove me bonkers.

Where is the head, you ask? I'll never tell...


(this is a good series to do around Halloween, isn't it!)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

RIP, Mr. Squirrel

Here you go, Rusty!

Name: Fuzzy B. Squirrel

Purchased by: Mom and Dad, sometime around June

Story: He is part of the AKC JAKKS Pets line of toys. They last a good while and are very realistic-looking.

Cause of death: Massive internal hemmorraging. Although, his tail is still fun to chew on, so he's still around.

Time of death: sometime around October

Favorite memory: He went with me on my road trip to IL. Oh, the fun times we had together. Well... I had. I don't think he was all that thrilled.

Monday, October 13, 2008

RIP, Mr. Walrus

All this week, I will be taking a retrospective look at those we've lost since I've joined my forever home in February of this year. RIP, good buddies.

Name: Walrus R. Tusk

Purchased by: Dad's mom, sometime around April

Story: Inside joke between Grandma and Dad. Please, don't ask. It's just one of those things.

Cause of death: massive internal hemmorraging.

Time of death: sometime around May.

Favorite memory: The honk. Oh, the honking. I love stuffies that honk.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Week-late Pug Club, part 2

I love big dogs! I'm just sayin'; they're awesome. Especially huskies!

I hung out with some of my brachycephalic and/or wrinkly brethren:

And I explored the ravine with Big Brother:

Now, the water saga is kinda interesting with me. I started out not liking it, but then I kinda started to warm up to it. I even jump in the shower now with Dad whenever he's trying to take one. He doesn't really let me stay, but I'm not afraid anymore of the "white coffin", as I used to call it.

So, today I even plucked up the courage to cross the stream! Just one problem: now I'm stuck on the other side:

Drat. I eventually found a better place to cross back, but Big Brother and I got SO dirty!

I was pretty wiped after that, but a fun time was had by all.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Week-late Pug Club, part 1

Hello everydoggy!

I know it's a week late, but last Saturday I went to the Bear Creek dog park for Pug Club! It's a monthly meeting of pugs and owners here in Colorado Springs where we just hang out and swap stories and take pictures. Speaking of those, in fact:

The big guy on the right was snorting up a storm-- I kept thinking he would keel over and die any minute!

Not all of them were pugs; there were several miniature Schnauzers two other Westies!

That was a little girl Westie that Dad thought was just adorable. Harumph.

Snoufer also found a friend that usually comes by during Pug Club: Oliver, a senior male Westie.

Can you guess which is which?

There was even a brindle pug there in costume:

He was a devil dog, let me tell you that. BTW, I think Roxy Dragon Pebbles needs this costume!

As you can tell, there were a lot of dogs there and I got really tired out!

The little black pug there is named Picasso, and she was an adorable little 3 month old girl who LOVED Dad's lap. Here's another picture of her and me fighting over her human's lap.

I think I won. I made really good friends with her.

I also made friends with tons of other cute pugs!

A good time was had by all. After that, I moved on to the big dog area. But that will have to wait until tomorrow and part 2!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fashion Friday

This is one of my new shirts I got from Samantha and Mr. Tigger for Christmas in July. I look all super-studly, do I not?

This one is the other shirt from Christmas in July. I call it my "muscle shirt".

This is a knitted sweater Mom and Dad got for me from Petsmart, which matches one of Big Brother's (his has red trim). Got to get ready for that cold Colorado weather...

Ain't I cuties? That's right, soak it in, ladies.