Friday, October 17, 2008

RIP, Mr. Shark

Name: Nails

Purchased by: Dad, sometime around 1998

Story: This one is bittersweet, which is why I'm ending the week on it. When Dad was in high school, his family got a Scottish Terrier they named Joseph Angus Tumnus Macduff (or, Joe, for short). He was a huge part of the family during several very crucial times, acting as solace and comfort first to Dad's little brother as Dad went off to college, then to the whole family as financial troubles forced them to move (as it turned out, into a money pit), and finally to Dad's mom as she and my human Grandpa divorced and she moved away to North Carolina (Asheville, as it turns out, which is also where Norman and his woman live). Anyway, Nails was Joe's favorite toy. In February of 2007, Joe went unexpectedly over the Rainbow Bridge. To this day, even after a kind of doggie autopsy, no one knows why he died (this is why Dad freaks out so much when Snoufer and I get sick). When all of Joe's stuff was being sifted through, Dad especially requested this toy be inherited by Big Brother (I wasn't around at the time).

Cause of death: I suppose he is technically dead. But he's been repaired so many times over the years, he's kinda like The 6 Million Dollar Man. Or Frankenstein.

Time of death: He'll never die. But he sure is fun to play with!

Favorite memory: The best part about Nails is that his tail and head whip around and whap me when I shake him. Which, I can only conclude, means he's trying to tell me he's boss and doesn't appreciate being torn fin from fin. So I do it again. And he whaps me again. So I do it again... I don't know what Joe's favorite memory of Nails is, but when I go over the Rainbow Bridge someday (Oh Dad, stop the leaking. Sheesh.), I'm sure we'll have lots to talk about.

Sorry. No digital camera = no pictures of Joe, at least until Dad can find one stashed away at either of his parents' houses, find a scanner, figure out how to upload the photo... well, you get the picture. Or, you don't. That's kinda the problem, isn't it? I give up.


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Thanks for the tour of YOUR Wild Kingdom this week!

Once your dad gets it skhanned in, he'll have no problem getting it loaded fur all of us to see!!

Happy Friday!!!


Aniemother said...

Now there's a cool stuffie!


Puglette said...

awww...what a sweet story. Your dad is very nice to let you play with Joe's toys.

Harry Pugalicious said...

Sounds like Joe was one cool dog. I'd like to have a go at Nails! He looks like fun.

Lex said...

Thats a nice story, thank you for sharing!
Gus loves when his toys hit him too.. it means they have to die sooner!

Rachel said...

aw, that is a sweet story - you should be nicer to Nails!!

Nevis said...

We bid you audieu, Mr. Shark.

The Devil Dog said...

Is that a hammerhead shark? Cool! That is a very nice and sad story about Joe.


Brutus said...

Very cool stories this week. Check out pug of the day you made it for Oct 18th! Congrats.

Puglette said...

Yay, Puddy! You're the Pug of the day today!
Such a cute picture.