Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Update hiatus

Hello all!

Well, it finally happened. Dad and Mom's computer died. Which is admirable that it lasted this long, considering Mom got it before she went to college. So, that means that while Dad will scramble to find a new 'puter ASAP (they live and die by that thing), in the interim and in the time it takes to transfer files from the fritzed one to the new one and in the time it takes Dad to get used to the new one, I will be restricted while doing the blogging thang.

Dad is going to sneak me into his graduate school to use their computer lab. Hopefully there will be time to upload some old pictures/videos here and there to keep y'all from going into withdrawal, but even more hopefully this 'puter thing will get resolved soon.

In the meantime, I give you some nifty vids. This first one is a picture of what training can be like at our house:

This next one shows what progress I've made on overcoming my fear of the white coffin and of water:

Hope everyone has a better day than us!


Nevis said...

Sorry about your computers! I know that pain. And the annoyance of transfering data. It's crazy!

LOVE the videos though. Puddy & snoufmeister are SO hilarious being "trained"..

Sandra y Coco said...

Hi! I saw westies on animal planet (dogs 101) during the weekend. They are very smart! Puddy have you decided to use the tub instead of the bowl, to drink water? You wish it was food instead of water! hehe

happy said...

Hope your new computer will be up soon.

Aniemother said...

Sorry about your computer.. We'll miss you, but hope to see you soon!


The Devil Dog said...

Well, that is certainly no fun. Mom has had a few computer issues lately that were easy fixes, once she got the parts (new video card, new power supply) but she knows how hard it is to be without your computer.


TooCutePugs said...

Oh, boy. Computers can be downright uncooperative, can't they? And then they go and die. Geesh. What are they thinking?

We think "white coffin of water" might be the funniest thing we've heard all year.

Pug love from,
Pearl & Daisy