Thursday, July 17, 2008

Baths bite

I hate baths. I hate my humans for giving them to me. OK, I don't really hate them-- it's hard to hate them, with their wierd little noses that stick out and how their eyes are so close together and their hairless bodies: they're so ugly, they're cute! But right now, I don't like them.

They gave me a bath yesterday. I got wet. It was humiliating...

I tried to escape several times, but to no avail:

Oh well, at least Dad gets in there with me. Funny, though: Mom wouldn't take pictures of him, just of me. I guess it had something to do with those wierd fabric things they put on their bodies-- Dad didn't have any on. And here I just thought they were for making soft areas to sleep on the floor, and burying rawhides in.

Speaking of rawhides, I have found a new love: real bones! Petsmart has these great bones that are real live boniness, and they're awesome! It's great, because Snoufer chews on them until the big, hard nubbies on the end are gone, and then I finish off the middle. It's the best part anyway, with its yummy and chewy marrow... Mmmm... yummy bone yummy bone yummy bone...

What? Oh, sorry. Got a little distracted there. I still like rawhide bones, though.

I'm settling down a bit in the morning and sleeping longer, which is great because now Snoufer and I get along better!

Other stuff going on with my humans: Dad is looking for a job because his contract expires in September, Mom is still waiting on word for what class she will teach next year, and she is getting ready to leave on vacation back in Michigan with her family. She will be gone for a whole 3 weeks! Dad and I both are pretty bummed we can't go with her (Dad can't leave work for that long), but at least he and I can watch lots of movies together and maybe go hiking while she's gone!

That's all for now! I'll do my best to keep the updates coming-- Dad's getting a new computer soon, so maybe this one will not be discriminatory against persons of paw and will have oversized keys. I hope so. Typing with your claws can be really jarring...

Oh, and since Snoufer got a closeup last time, here's mine:


Rachel said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog! We really like yours and especially like the picture of you with the BIG rawhide bone! I will show this to my husband to prove that pugs really can handle the big bones. We'll be back!

Jemima Jones Beck said...

Oh Man! I hate baths as well! Finally, another pug that hates them!
It seems like all that I run into out here in the blogoverse is pugs that LOVE baths and water in general. You rock!
Thanks for stopping by our blog as well!
Jemima Jones Beck

The Devil Dog said...

Oh yeah! I am so with you there on the bath thing! Mom or dad don't get in with me, but mom makes sure I don't escape. Mom tooks some totally embarrassing pictures of me last year while taking a bath. I hope she isn't thinking of giving me another any time soon.