Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mom and Dad's Anniversary!

Hello everyone!

Dad's been really busy lately with getting some projects done for his Master's degree, so I've been busy doing my duties as Assistant Director of Morale and Welfare. And boy am I good at it!

Today is Mom and Dad's second anniversary! I wasn't around for the original, but Dad showed me some pictures from it, so I'll share them with you in a separate post, because I'm so proud of how great my humans looked! Who'd have thought they clean up so well?

I "helped" Dad wrap presents last night. Usually, I would tear up some wrapping paper, and would have a pile of glorious carnage to show you. Instead, Dad decided to wait until 11:00pm to do that, and I was tired! So, I just sat and watched.

Dad is taking Mom to this fondue place called The Melting Pot. It's really fancy. Mom is pretty excited about it-- she's been spending a lot of today already getting pretty. Personally, I think she already looked good, but what do I know?

The temperature has been soaring here! It's into the mid-high 90s, which is tough for Snoufer and me because there's no air conditioning in our house. Dad does a good job each night of opening the windows to let in the cool air, then closing up the house for the day. Lying on the tile floor also helps! Overall, it just makes for lazy days.

One of my ADMW duties is making Dad laugh; he thought this was hilarious.

My good friend The Devil Dog ought to like that one!

I prefer this picture of me, personally:

I'll keep you all updated on stuff as it happens. Thank you all so much for commenting and emailing me! I love hearing from my friends out there.


Rachel said...

Oooh - happy anniversary to the peoples! It looks like you guys have the same cream colored couch as us - at least that's what it looks like in that picture of Snoufer.
We are having a competition on our blog, if you're interested - go check out our latest entry and let us know if you'd like to participate!

Frances Louise said...

Happy Anniversay!

Clover said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents!
I love the picture of you with your head back and ears up. :)
Love Clover xo

The Devil Dog said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents! Nice photos. I love the "devlish" one! It's great! Good job you're doing keeping the morale and welfare up! Keep up the good work.

Roxy & Lucky