Monday, July 14, 2008

More July 4th Week Fun!

Hello again everyone!

I promise, I'll try to have fewer pictures and more updates from now on. I just needed to get the word out and have a point of reference for everyone to get to know me. So on the same week as the Fourth, I did other really fun stuff as well.

Inspired by my friend Suki Sumo, my humans went boating. And left me at home. They gave some lame excuse about me not having a life jacket and the spicy Colorado sun and blahblahblah. All I heard was "We want to have fun without you." So, I peed on my bed. That'll show them humans.

But they did have fun.

There's even a video of Dad wiping out. Hehehe...

So, as a consolation prize, they scheduled a meetup with my pug family! That's right, I got to meet my dad, my mom, my uncle, and another pug living with them who I've never met before.

That is me and my pugdad. Guess where I get my good looks from? He's a show dog.

That is my uncle. He's got lots of rolls. He warmed up to me sooner than my dad did, believe it or not. Unresolved issues, I guess. Life is complicated...

There is the whole "pug pack": clockwise, from far left is my dad, the new girl, my mom, and my uncle. Check out my mom! What's wierd is I am deep apricot, whereas she is light apricot and my dad is straight fawn. So where do I get my unique and awesome color? I have no idea, but if I ever find out, I'm selling the idea to a soap opera. For pugs. Yep, it'll happen.

That was a lot of fun for the week! We had a bit of a scare, though, since my brother Snoufer got a bit sick early in the week. He was having diarrhea and was dehydrated; he even had to spend a few hours at the vets and they thought they might have to put him on an IV. Thankfully, all was well and no serious measures were required.

The vet prescribed some medicine for him, which the humans gave to him in peanut butter. I just looked at them with my "Puddy face" and they melted. Pity snacks! Score!

Snoufer was back to normal very soon. Which was good, because I was missing tug of war.

Don't let him fool you: he's just as much of a ham as I am.

I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. Demille...

That's it for now-- everyone have a great week!


Clover said...

Hi Puddy!
It does look like your parents had fun - but now they can remember to get you a lifejacket before they go next time. It's pretty fun to swim! :)
Love Clover xo
P.S. Yes, you have a good looking family!

Suki Sumo said...

Keep the photos coming! You are too too cute. Boating is totally fun - you should totally have your parents get you a lifejacket so you can be a seapug too!