Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fourth of July news

Hello again everyone!

I'm sorry for the delay in writing this-- what a week I've had! For now, I'll just tell you about my Fourth of July experiences, because they were exciting enough!

My humans and I went to visit family in Denver on the Fourth. It was only an hour and a half car ride, but it was still a bit too much for me. I had a little accident in the car, but Mom and Dad understood and it was OK. Besides, who can get mad at this face?

I was also a bit upset since they made me sit in the back instead of in the front with Mom. She had made a cake for the gathering and didn't want Snoufer or me to mess it up. Because I am awesome, though, I sneaked one or two pieces.

OK, so I didn't sneak anything. But I dreamed about it. Mmmmm.... yummy cake, yummy cake, yummy cake.

Anyway, once we got there it was sensory overload for me! I always love going to a place with new smells, so that was cool. Also, my humans' little 2 year-old cousin was there, so I got to play with him! He was a little bit shy and scared of me at first, but he got used to me eventually. He really had trouble with "Puddleglum", and wasn't even really able to say "Puddy," so I settled for "Woofwoof." Snoufer and I loved having someone our size around!

They had a sprinkler set up for him in the yard. Now, I've never been a big one for water. It's wet, for one. It makes me shiver, for another. And after I'm done, Snoufer chases me and tries to rub it in that he's dry and I'm not. So, I wasn't really a fan of running through the sprinkler. Mom had other ideas, though.

When it was turned off, I checked it out.

I think it's safe. Maybe next year I'll give it a try.

There were lots of other humans there, too. They all played this game that was part soccer, part baseball-- the best part was the big colored ball! I couldn't really get my mouth around it, though. Which is wierd. What's the point of a colorful ball if it's too big for me?

Mostly I just sat and watched. Don't let my svelte physique fool you: exercise isn't really my thing.

Snoufer had other ideas, though: he wanted to play! I guess that kind of exercise is sort of my thing.

Speaking of things that are my thing: FOOD! The humans put meat on this big hot black thing they called a grill, and some of it fell to the ground! I was in heaven... After one piece, I just camped out there.

After they turned the grill-beast off, I found some more.

Everyone thought I was really cute. Lots of head-scratching. To all you pugs out there: don't think you'll ever get tired of head-scratching? Try getting in a group of people who haven't seen you before and be as good-looking as me. You'll find out soon enough... This was number 2582. I counted.

We went inside for a while, just to get away from the sun and the heat. It wasn't too bad, but hey-- I'm a pug. I like cool. I also like destroying toys.

I was forbidden to go upstairs. I got caught a few times.

What? Who? Me? I'm not going upstairs. I'm stretching my hamstrings.

Yeah, they didn't buy it either. After that, the humans tied Snoufer and I up in the front yard and climbed up on the roof to watch these things they call fireworks. I love them! They make noises I can feel in my stomach, and they have lots of colors. Snoufer was more concerned with barking at the other people outside, but I just sat quietly the whole time watching the show.
After all that, I was pretty wiped. I went to sleep in the car and stayed that way the whole way home. What a day!

I've had lots of other stuff happen recently, so I'll update some more in a little bit, but my paws are tired now. It's so hard to hit the little letters just right when my humans keep my nails trimmed anyway. Well, I'll see you all soon!

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