Monday, August 11, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend

First off, MOM'S HOME!!!

She got in on Sunday, and Dad drove to the airport to pick her up. I drove along with. When I saw her standing outside the terminal, my little doggy tail went absolutely wild!

Unfortunately, Snoufer couldn't see Mom until he got out of the hospital. Yep, that's right. He got hemorragic gastroentritis (HGE) and had to be put on IV fluids for 36 hours. He was so sad when he left! He wouldn't even play with me, and he just laid on the tile floor unmoving at the hospital. Dad was really scared, so I was working double-time on the Morale and Welfare. I missed him too. He's back now and just as spunky as ever!

Of course, he is a little more grumpy than usual, but that could be because he is embarrassed because his paw is shaved. He is a very vain Westie; he likes all his fur to be just so.

Of course, he's also got to take antibiotics to follow-up, which Dad gives him in peanut butter! Why can't I get sick?

Just kidding. I don't want that. Bloody diarrhea? No thank you. Besides, now Snoufer has to be on a bland diet, which Mom and Dad cooked up for him of rice and beef.

It can't be that bad, though, since Snoufer scarfs it down like crazy! Dad told me they're still not sure what caused it, but Snoufer got sick at about the same time that Dad started giving me gravy mix-ins in my food. I thought my food was disappearing rather quickly... The doctors say that it wasn't that that caused Snoufer to get sick, but it might have been a gastrointestinal trigger. So, the real punch line here is that I don't get gravy any more. NUTS!

An interesting side effect of this is that Dad and Mom are researching whole and/or raw foods for me and Snoufer. I'm so picky, and this experience has gotten them a little gun-shy on additives in mass-produced foods. Seeing how much Snoufer gobbled up even his bland diet of "real food", they think that might solve a lot of problems for us. Any suggestions from my pugfriends on this?

Mom had a great time on her vacation. She was visiting family in Michigan at a cottage on Upper Silver Lake (right by the Michigan sand dunes). They spent a lot of time fixing up the cottage for renters in the season coming up, but they had some time left over to fish:

To roast marshmallows over the fire on the beach:

And to go to a petting zoo:

I'm trying to figure out what this guy thinks he's doing...

When she was growing up Mom planted a tree in her backyard. Look how big it is now!

Next post I'll put up the pictures I promised of the Rennaisance Festival. Just to close this one out, I have here definitive proof that I really can read and type on my own, without any help from Dad.

So there. Pay no attention to the leg-like surface on which I am reading. It's nothing. Definitely not a human.

Oh! One more thing. I participated in the Christmas in July that Herbie, Nixon, and Fattie's mom organized, and I got Samantha and Mr. Tigger! I put together a goodie bag for them yesterday, and they sent mine out today! Mmmm, I can't wait! I am also participating in Project Dogway Week 2, so look out, all the competish! Updates on that as it happens.

So glad to be back!


Nevis said...

Much love to (Snoufer)!! Hope he is all better soon!

And Glummy, indeed you are a pug-genius reading and blogging by yourself.

As far as your humans cooking a diet for all of you at home. I've done it. My dogs LOOOOVED IT. I would always do it but frankly I just don't have the time. Here is some good info, though:

Melissa and Emmitt said...

it is so nice to meet all of you! i am so glad snoufer is feeling better!
your vacation looks like so much fun!
melissa & emmitt